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A sole proprietor
not a soulless corporation.  

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       Drain cleaning             
auger toilet $65.00 

                                                                 tub or shower drain $65.00 - $97.50

                                                         sinks, laundry line  $97.50 - $130.00                         main line $97.50 - $180.00  ( up to 200 ft                          remove reinstall toilet to clear stoppage $65.00+drain fee bowl wax inc.

                    remove/reinstall toilet (two trip) $150.00 bowl wax inc.

Clean out installations
3"stack clean out ( for main line access   typically above the toilet tank)

abs 250.00
cast iron 300.00
 requires dry wall repair (not included)

4"stack clean out
abs 275.00
cast iron 325.00
requires dry wall repair (not included)

3" main line, two-way
  (exterior in ground  up to 36" depth)
                                        4" main line, two-way  (exterior in ground  up to 36" depth)                                         

Pictures  are worth a thousand words

I install Bradford White
water heaters
made in America!

for a little more ill fix the wall

don't skimp on the insulation

And now some drywall

I did this job during the summer it was in a garage
so you can bet the wet drywall was starting to smell...

my drywall is functional.
but if  you need it to look like i was never there,
then we need to call   "Geno"
Ive been knocking holes in walls for about twenty five years.
Geno is the best i have found
hands down.

So my customer had a fiberglass tub surround .
that was just beat up
it was leaking though some crack in the floor and replacement was our only option

tear-out complete

New valve

finished product

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